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Looking for a new dentist in the Indianapolis area or do you want to hear more about TMJ treatments? You don’t have to hear it from us! You can watch our patients’ testimonials or read online reviews.

Mukti shares her TMJ treatment

Mukti has been experiencing severe jaw and facial pain. She was diagnosed to have TMJ disorder or TMD. She has seen a doctor and neurologist but no one was able to treat her TMD. After a couple months of seeing, Dr. Deldar, she started feeling normal.

Preston hates CPAPs!

“I can sleep. I don’t feel like Darth Vadar in the night.” Listen to Preston’s genuine account on how he freed himself from CPAP masks and how Dr. Deldar treated his sleep apnea.

Kristen: clicking and locking jaw

Kristen gives an honest account of how the mouth piece Dr. Deldar made for her has eliminated her jaw from popping, clicking, and locking.

Hannah and her TMJ treatment

Hannah experienced intense jaw pain and headaches after being concussed. Her general dentist referred her to Dr. Deldar who made her a mouthpiece. Now, she has a perfect bite and barely any pain.

Amy and her TMJ treatment

Amy, who suffered from TMJ pain and migraines, wears a custom-fitted orthotic made by Dr. Deldar to re-align her bite. Relieving her TMJ allowed her to miss less days of work, be more productive, and most importantly – spend more time with her family.

Hannah and her Sleep Apnea treatment

After experiencing ear pain, Candace was referred by her ENT specialist was diagnosed by TMJ. Thanks to neuromuscular dentistry, she is relieved her from her ear pain

Scott shares his Sleep Disorder treatment

Referred by his chiropractor, Scott’s sleep disorder and snoring problem was treated by a oral sleep appliance custom fitted by Noblesville dentist, Dr. Deldar.

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Sharing the relief

We thank all our patients for their bravery and providing genuine accounts of their journey with Deldar Dental. You’re helping us live up to our mission in dental works: Improving your quality of life.