Happy Patients at Deldar Dental

Looking for a new dentist in the Indianapolis area or do you want to hear more about TMJ treatments? You don’t have to hear it from us! You can watch our patients’ testimonials or read online reviews.

Jennifer: sleep apnea and snoring

Before Jennifer meeting Dr. Deldar, she was not sleeping well at all and was a heavy snorer. She was prescribed the CPAP initially by another doctor but now finds greater relief from her oral sleep appliance.

Darrell finds sleep apnea and snoring relief at Deldar Dental

Darrell has been suffering from sleep apnea and snoring for years. After receiving a prescribed oral sleep appliance (not CPAP) from Dr. Deldar, he is now more rested and energetic.

Carmel: migraines, ear pain, and headaches

Carmel was suffering from migraines, ear pain, and headaches. Fortunately, she discovered Indianapolis TMJ dentist, Dr. Mike Deldar.

Susan: jaw/TMJ pain and family dental patient

Long time patient, Susan, has had many great experiences with Dr. Deldar. She was suffering from severe TMJ pain before seeking TMD treatment.

Eileen and her cosmetic dental treatment

Dr. Deldar is known for being the best cosmetic dentist in Noblesville. You don’t have to hear it from us, just listen to Eileen.

Michele: Headaches, migraines, TMJ pain

Michele knows the TMJ treatment process better than anyone, having been a dental assistant at our dental clinic and a TMJ patient.

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Sharing the relief

We thank all our patients for their bravery and providing genuine accounts of their journey with Deldar Dental. You’re helping us live up to our mission in dental works: Improving your quality of life.