September 11, 2020

I want the ringing in my ears to stop!


Cannot take the quiet nights anymore when the ringing in your ears comes out in full force? Is the lack of sleep getting you down and are your relationships suffering? Is it hard to get yourself motivated and perform at work because you constantly feel exhausted?

You have been looking for treatment but you have no idea what you are dealing with and where to look for help. Has anyone told you you may be suffering from an inner ear condition called tinnitus?

What is Tinnitus?

If you have occasional, or constant ringing in your ears, wondering how to stop it has probably eluded you. Tinnitus (including headache and ear pain) is often related to a condition known as TMJ disorder. 

People with TMJ disorder often experience a painful ear ache. However, the cause isn’t an infection. It’s the misalignment and inflammation of the jaw joint. With the jaw out of place, ligament traction is adversely affected. This can cause dysfunction, pain, and ear ringing.

No one should have to live with ear pain

Dealing with chronic ear ringing, jaw pain and headache can really impact your quality of life. Thankfully, you can put an end to the ringing and pain by treating your TMJ disorder.

Dr. Deldar, a Noblesville dentist, believes that everyone deserves a life without pain.  Dr. Deldar has 20 years experience in treating patients with TMJ ear pain. 

3 Easy steps to take to get rid of ringing in ears

  1. Let’s talk 
  2. We will discuss your treatment options
  3. Start improving  the quality of your life today

You can finally get relief from tinnitus

Stop being afraid of going to bed and the noise in your head to come out. Take the 3 easy steps and say “Goodbye” to missing out on sleep and trying to make it through the day. Say “Hello” to a quiet night sleep and energy to enjoy the people in your life!

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