Porcelain Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great way to get dramatic smile enhancements without committing to major restorations or orthodontic treatment. Dental veneers can help teeth stained, chipped, or misaligned teeth retain a normal appearance and a healthy function. These thin shells of porcelain are bonded to the front sides of your teeth for a flawless and natural look.

Porcelain veneers are a great way to get dramatic smile enhancements without committing to major restorations or orthodontic treatment.

Dental veneers for a dramatic look.

Dental Veneers – The Process

  • During your consultation, Dr. Deldar will discuss the tooth shade that will best fit your smile. Together, you will talk about your options regarding the shape of the porcelain veneers.
  • Once we understand your requirements, we will send your specifications to our labs. We work with LVE, Microdental, OREM, and Williams.
  • After creating your porcelain veneers, Dr. Deldar will prepare each tooth by carefully removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the porcelain. With Lumineers, teeth are slightly etched in preparation for the new veneers, but no sensitive tooth structure is removed.
  • In just 2-3 visits at Deldar Dental, you can enjoy a rejuvenated smile that looks amazing and feels very natural.


What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are custom porcelain laminates made for your front teeth. They are created to change the shape, color, position, and/or size of your front teeth. Porcelain veneers are stain resistant and they are a great option for people who want to correct their teeth to achieve a great smile.

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How are porcelain veneers created?

Dr. Mike Deldar will start by taking an impression of your teeth. Once the impression is completed, the mold is sent to the lab where your porcelain veneers will be created. To make your porcelain veneers look great and fit perfectly in your mouth, Dr. Deldar will remove a tiny amount of enamel from your teeth.

Sometimes your gums also need to be reshaped in order to make the porcelain veneers match up perfectly with your gums. While you wait to have your veneers created, Dr. Deldar will a temporary set. Remember, these are temporary and won't match up perfectly as your permanent veneers that.

When your porcelain veneers arrive, Dr. Deldar will bond them to your teeth. Once this procedure is completed, you can go home and enjoy your perfect new smile. Your teeth may feel sensitive for a few days, however, shortly after the porcelain veneers will feel natural in your mouth.

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What problems can porcelain veneers correct?

Porcelain veneers can be used to correct many problems with your front teeth including:

  • Chips, cracks, and breakage
  • Teeth Gaps
  • Teeth Stains and discolorization
  • Dental Deterioration
  • Dental misalignment

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How much do porcelain veneers cost?

The cost of porcelain veneers varies depending on how many teeth are involved in the procedure.

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Are porcelain veneers permanent?

Porcelain veneers are not permanent. They last for an average of 5-10 years. Excessive pressure such as grinding can reduce the life of the porcelain veneers.

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Dental Veneers in Noblesville, Carmel, and Hamilton County IN

If you are interested in improving your smile but you are not sure where to start, let Deldar Dental help. Please contact our veneers team today to learn more and what they can do for your smile. Come for a free cosmetic dentistry consultation to discuss your needs.

Deldar Dental offers porcelain veneers in Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers, Indianapolis, Lapel, Westfield, and surrounding areas.

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