What Happens During a TMJ Consultation?

TMJ Treatment Consultation Protocol

When the patient calls and request the appointment for their TMJ issues We ask them to come for a 45 min to an hour consultation with Dr. Deldar. This allows Dr. Deldar to find out what is going on and discuss what he does as a neuromuscular, physiologic approach to treat TMJ. Meanwhile he will answer any questions the patient has before he starts any treatment for them. The consultation is very informative and by the end of that the patient fully understands the nature of how Dr Drldar treats his TMJ patients. Usually we share some videos from previous cases that match with patients symptoms. During the consultation he usually does muscle palpation to confirm if the TMJ is the issues. In most cases he does scanning and computerize EMG evaluation of facial muscles that are effected by TMJ issues which this requires to be clean shave and no make up I order to connect Electrodes to attached directly to skin for muscles activity measurements.
The cost of consultation is $175.00. We require $75 payment at the time of scheduling to hold your spot and the rest of payment due after initial consultation appointment.

Our suggestion how a TMJ Diagnosis Consultation should be communicated on the Deldar Dental website.

  • First contact with patient by phone or email
  • Deldar Dental asks patient to make appt for a 45/60 min TMJ diagnosis consultation
  • Deldar Dental provides accurate cost overview in advance
  • At appt scheduling: Payment of $75 in advance through online form which confirms they agree with the total cost of $175 for TMJ diagnosis consultation


  1. Explanation of neuromuscular, physiologic approach to treatment
  2. Explanation of the techniques applied to diagnose the issue
  3. Sign document to confirm the patient:
    • understands the issue needs to be diagnosed
    • confirms to a TMJ diagnosis consultation voluntarily now
    • agrees the provided techniques as explained will be applied now
    • reconfirms the cost for this diagnosis ($175) is agreed and due immediately after his/her TMJ diagnosis consultation
  4. Start TMJ diagnosis consultation
    • Muscle palpation to confirm TMJ is the issue, or not
    • Scanning and computerized EMG evaluation with electrodes of facial muscles affected by TMJ issues. REQUIRED: Shaved skin. No make-up.
  5. Presentation of matching TMJ cases through video

Deldar Dental asks the patient to

  1. Sign document to confirm the patient:
    • understands the information provided so far
    • agreed voluntarily to the TMJ diagnosis consultation
    • agreed the TMJ diagnosis consultation was performed as provided in advance
    • does not experience any physical or mental impact due to Deldar Dental’s TMJ diagnosis techniques

Deldar Dental asks patients to

  1. Wait for diagnosis results
  2. Make appt for follow up diagnosis
  3. Make appt for follow up treatment
  • Immediate payment of due $100 for consultation cost by credit/debit card