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It’s likely that when you think of going to the dentist, you think about cleaning, root canals, and fillings.

Yes, as your dentist, we play a major role in your oral health. But at Deldar Dental, our mission statement is “Improving your quality of life.” Our dentists offer a more hands on, whole body approach to dentistry.


Improving your quality of life – what does that mean?

Alleviate migraines, headache, neck pain and jaw pain symptoms and take back your life.

Eliminate snoring, sleep apnea, and sleeping problems. Feel good and be awake.

Boost your confidence by improving your smile. Discover our conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry.

In the state of Indiana, Noblesville dentist Dr. Mike Deldar is a preferred reference for many neurologists, medical doctors, dentists, and chiropractors regarding TMJ and sleep apnea. These professionals trust Noblesville dentist, Dr. Deldar, and refer their migraine, headache, and CPAP intolerant patients to him because he provides a neuromuscular physiologic approach to resolving these issues.

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The core of our clinic is great customer service and effective treatments. We treat our patients as if they were a part of our own family. It’s our aim is to make you feel comfortable, secure, and right at home.

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Hear from some of our TMJ and sleep apnea patients from Indianapolis and Hamilton County.

Image of a Indianapolis patient at Deldar Dental. Her testimonials can be see when this image is clicked.

Susan: Headaches and migraines

Image of a Indianapolis patient at Deldar Dental. Her testimonials can be see when this image is clicked.

Kristen: Jaw pain and teeth clenching

Image of a Indianapolis patient at Deldar Dental. Her testimonials can be see when this image is clicked.

Scott: Snoring and sleep apnea

Mike DiSanto
Mike DiSanto
13:35 20 Jun 17
Been going to Dr. Deldar for over 20 years. He's the best. If you are looking for a wonderful dentist I highly recommend his family practice. Look them up. Deldar dental.
Alison Frolik
Alison Frolik
02:18 24 Jul 17
I'm very grateful to Dr. Deldar for helping me with my headaches. The tests he did clearly showed to me how TMJ was a primary issue for me, and my orthotic has been a great help in getting my bite in proper alignment. He is happy to take time and explain anything you have questions about, and I appreciate how upfront he has been with possible future issues, finances, etc. If you have recurring headaches, jaw pain, or neck pain, I highly recommend that you explore this option!
Heather Loveday
Heather Loveday
15:54 09 Mar 17
I recently had Dr. Deldar remove one of my wisdom teeth. I was pretty nervous, but he made me feel comfortable and explained everything he was going to do. Before I knew it, the tooth was out. I was in so little pain, I didn't even have to take a Tylenol! Dr. Deldar is a 5 star dentist and has the knowledge and training to take great care of his patients.
Kelli Taratsas
Kelli Taratsas
16:42 13 Feb 17
Excellent Dental Work and Customer Service!! Dr. Mike is simply the best in town! The entire staff is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgable. I like the modern, up-to-date equipment they use. You can see on a big screen what they are doing in your mouth. . Dr. Mike is truly an expert in general and cosmetic dental care and cares about the overall health of his patients...He treats TMJ , sleep apnea, and much more. Every experience at Deldar and Deldar Dental has been a positive one, and I've been going there for years!!
Lisa Hudson
Lisa Hudson
00:55 22 Mar 16
Dr. Deldar is an expert in helping individuals way beyond dentistry. His knowledge and on going training in teaching others to breathe in a way that is healthy leads to solving many health issues. He and his staff are very professional and really care about the patient.
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Dr. Deldar is a TMJ specialist for Indiana TMJ patients. Here's a man who's suffering from TMJ migraines or tension headaches.

Do you always get migraines, jaw, or what could be TMJ disorder or TMD?

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Dr. Mike Deldar is voted best cosmetic dentist in Noblesville and Carmel. Here's a woman who it looking to get a full dental makeover.

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Dr. Mike Deldar is a sleep apnea specialist that helps people who want CPAP alternatives and those that snore. Here's a woman upset that her husband snores. She's holding a pillow over her head to cover all the snoring from his sleep apnea.

Are you always snoring and/or suffering from what could be sleep apnea?

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