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Jessica R.

“I am shocked at the improvement that the TMJ orthotic provided. Dr. Deldar exceeded my expectations.”

Noblesville Kids Dentist Dr. Mike Deldar


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“Dr. Deldar is known for being the best cosmetic dentist in Noblesville. You don’t have to hear it from us, just listen to Eileen”.


“15 years of being a patient at Deldar Dental has been delightful. What makes the difference is that I can call anytime and he will say “meet me at the office”


“No matter what time of day, even holidays, I can call Dr. Deldar if I have an emergency and be seen right away”

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Brent: Sleep Apnea, Hates CPAP, Claustrophobia

Brent was taking sleeping pills in order to use his CPAP due to his claustrophobia. Referred by his neurologist, Brent’s sleep apnea has been relieved by a custom oral sleep appliance from Dr. Deldar.

An oral appliance for snoring Noblesville works similarly to a retainer or a mouth guard. They are effective in treating snoring and sleep apnea because they support the jaw in a position that maintains an open upper airway.

Ernest: Sleep Apnea Relief

Ernest was recommended by his respiratory doctor to see Dr. Deldar. Ernest needed to have mouthpiece made to use instead of his CPAP mask. In just two days, he noticed a big difference with his mouthpiece.

Melissa: Jaw and TMJ Pain, Sleep Apnea Relief

“I’m not snoring at all – which is great – and I’m sleeping well.” Go Melissa!

Watch our TMJ Treatment Reviews

Kristen: Neck and Jaw Pain, Teeth Clenching

Kristen has been a TMJ sufferer for years. She tried everything –
including physio. Fortunately, she discovered that treatment can cure her debilitating pains at Deldar Dental. She shares her story with Dr. Deldar, all the while wearing her TMJ oral orthotic.

Allison: Grinding Teeth and Tension Headaches

Allison has been experiencing severe pain from her headaches and needed a more innovative solution for her bruxism (grinding teeth), as the traditional night guard was not helping. Seeing her chiropractor and general dentist alone was not enough to solve her ongoing TMJ issues.

Emily: Treated for Headaches, Vertigo and Dizziness

This is Emily. For years she’s been suffering from headaches, vertigo, and dizziness – amongst other TMD symptoms. As a physical therapist that’s well-connected to many resources, she’s tried many TMJ treatments but to no avail. Thankfully, she came to see TMJ dentist Dr. Mike Deldar. The physiologic and non-invasive treatments are showing fantastic results!

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