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Let's stop all that noise


As with anything you use daily, over time, there is going to be significant wear and tear. The same principle applies to your teeth. Think about it: you use them repeatedly, day-in and day-out. Practically everything you do requires the use of your teeth. Each day, your teeth contribute to your ability to talk, breathe, kiss, eat, drink and swallow. You chew, bite, grind, brush, floss, and generally (albeit unconsciously) abuse them. 

When you have a misaligned jaw and a subsequent bad bite, the wear and tear on your teeth is significantly more rapid and rigorous. The erosion on your teeth can lead to uneven tooth wear, loss of range of jaw motion, gum recession and various other symptoms – this is all connected to TMJ.


When you bite down, do you experience pain?
Are your restricted in the amount you can open your mouth?
When you chew or even flex your face – does it result in popping or clicking?
Have friends or family member commented on how loud that pop was?
When you yawn or talk, do you feel as though you need to help support your jaw?

If you answered yes to even one of those questions, something isn’t right. A healthy and normal TMJ is quiet when it’s working. During eating, chewing, singing, swallowing, talking and even breathing – you would feel no discomfort or experience anything unusual. The muscles that control your jaw should work in harmony, allowing you to open and close your mouth both smoothly and silently. If you notice a constant clicking, popping and snapping when you engage in everyday activities, these are indicators that your jaw joint is unstable.

You have a disc of cartilage inside of your jaw joint which keeps the joint from rubbing together. When the jaw muscles move this disc out of place, the joints end up rubbing together, causing the clicking and popping sound you hear. Sometimes, it is loud enough to be heard by other people.

When your jaw is misaligned and not properly supported, it can be limited in its range of motion. Were you are at a friend’s dinner party and suddenly couldn't open your mouth wide enough to eat? It'[s more common than you think.

If you suffer from TMJ, the ability to open your mouth fully or widely can be limited and painful. Something is clearly wrong. You will have to seek treatment to get rid of these (TMJ) symptoms, or things will get worse. Dr. Mike Deldar, a  TMJ dentist in Noblesville with more than 20 years experience can help diagnose a TMJ disorder.  


In this war, 3 things may happen:

If your muscles win, you have rapid tooth wear. If your teeth win, you will have muscle tension and stress along with headaches and other TMD problems. Worse, you may experience a combination of both.

Have friends or family member commented on how loud that pop was? Jaw misalignment and teeth wear greatly influence the appearance of your face. A poorly aligned jaw creates deterioration of your teeth, causing them to look ground down and worn.

• Changes in the shape of your lips
• Wrinkles and creases to form and deepen on the sides of your mouth and nose
• The appearance of jowls on the sides of your jaw
• Unsure if you have TMJ Disorder? 

Fill out our TMJ Treatment Questionnaire and contact Dr. Mike Deldar, a Noblesville TMJ Dentist, for a consultation. 




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