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Living a life with chronic migraines can be devastating.

Many people don’t know that these headaches can be one of the symptoms of TMJ disorder or TMJ dysfunction. As a Noblesville dentist offering TMJ treatment, I want every patient to be aware that TMJ-induced migraines can have a large effect on their mental well-being.

A person suffering from migraines may experience anxiety, stress, depression and other debilitating symptoms. These may eventually lead to deterioration of their mental health.

As a health provider that treats migraines and other painful symptoms of TMJ, I aim to help each patient get the treatment they deserve. This includes educating my suffering patients on the effects migraines can have on them, and how exactly to move forward with treatment.

Because June is Migraine Awareness Month, we’re paying special attention to new patients hoping to treat TMJ-related migraines. I want everyone to understand the effects of migraines and learn how to get the best possible treatment.

Migraine Relief Now: Effects of Migraines on Mental Health

The kind of pain and suffering caused by migraines is unimaginable to people who never have them. Head pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and a complete inability to function are all normal occurrences when you have migraines.

If you do suffer from migraines, you aren’t alone. Around 12 percent of the United States population suffer from this disability.

How exactly do migraines affect mental health?

Stress & Anxiety

You never know when a migraine will set in. The only certain thing is that one will come. This uncertainty is a major stressor for people who suffer from migraines.

Those affected usually try treatments time and again, with very little effect. Trying countless treatments that don’t work may cause the sufferer to believe that the problem will never be resolved.

If you have migraines, you may be living in a constant state of fearful anxiety. A migraine could come on, and you can do nothing to protect yourself. This only increases stress, causing a feeling of desperation.

It’s important to remember: You can get help.


Up to 40 percent of migraine sufferers experience depression. This is partly because living with migraines is a constant battle. You’re always fighting with your anxiety. You’re always worried about a migraine sneaking up on you.

Having migraines means sometimes being unable to complete simple tasks. It means spending hours in bed, lying in a darkened room. You can’t play with children, or go out with friends.

It means losing out on time, sometimes days. Trying treatment after treatment without any improvement causes hopelessness. Quality of life diminishes. Anxiety and stress increase. Depression sets in.


Not knowing if or when a migraine will come may cause you to withdraw from family and friends. The stigma of migraines is all too real: people who don’t have them just don’t understand.

Not knowing when a migraine will come on prevents you from making plans. It makes you seem “flaky” and unreliable. Friends and family may believe you are just making excuses, or that the pain can’t possibly be that bad. This causes you to feel guilty, questioning your own symptoms. It’s a vicious cycle.

All this can contribute to isolation. Isolation, stress, anxiety and depression wreak havoc on mental health. You can become debilitated and unable to live a normal life.

Migraine Relief Now: Exploring TMJ Treatment Options

How can patients in Indiana seek relief? As a TMJ dentist in Indy with over 20 years of experience, I want to provide you with all the options you may need:

  • Custom-fit orthotic TMJ appliance: This appliance is made to fit over your teeth. When you close your jaw, the device simulates the perfect occlusion. This reduces stress on the jaw, often eliminating migraines which stem from misaligned jaw joints.
  • Orthodontics: It’s possible that orthodontics such as braces could solve your problem. Braces reduce the stress of an uneven bite, often providing relief from migraines and headaches.
  • Smile Makeover: This treatment is for people who are suffering from severely worn-down teeth. The teeth affect the working relationship between the jaw, the muscles, and the joints. The smile makeover may involve a combination of restorative and orthodontic treatments depending on what you need.

Migraine Relief Now: Get Treatment and Live Your Best Life

Migraines from TMJ don’t have to rule your life. It’s entirely possible to get treated and live the best life you possibly can.

Dr. Mike Deldar, DDS – TMJ dentist, Noblesville dentist

If you believe you are suffering from TMJ-related migraines, contact me today to learn more about our services.

Treatment is waiting for you in my office. Make the call to discuss your options with our health professionals and start yourself down the road to recovery.

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