Common Sleep Apnea Misconceptions That Hold Back Treatment

sleep apnea myths

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Millions of people are not aware that they have a sleep disorder or need sleep apnea treatment.

Typically, it is observed by a spouse, housemate, or partner. Some sufferers refuse to get sleep apnea treatment because of the stigma attached and common misconceptions.

Common Sleep Apnea Misconceptions Explained

Not everything you hear about diseases, you should believe. The same applies to sleep disorders. A sleep apnea dental clinic like ours hears a lot of myths perpetuated about the condition.

Here are several of the most common sleep apnea misconceptions.

Sleep Apnea Appears Only in Adults

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, one in ten children struggles with this illness.

It hurts their performance in school because they do not get adequate rest. These children also struggle with behavioral problems. However, for those cases, which have been identified, they can minimize the physical ramifications of the disorder, and significant improvements have been noted at school.

CPAP Machines are the Only Sleep Apnea Treatment Option

There are multiple ways to treat this sleep disorder without settling for a CPAP machine unless all other options have been exhausted. Sometimes a change in diet and adding an exercise regimen for weight loss purposes will do the job.

Sleep Apnea is Not Detrimental to Your Health

Strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, depression, extreme fatigue, and several other ailments are triggered by sleep apnea.

When you lose out on quality sleep, you are more likely to lose focus, make mistakes, get in an accident, suffer from stress, have emotional and behavioral issues.

Visit Your Sleep Apnea Dentist in Noblesville IN

Dentist Noblesville IN, Dr. Deldar offers a dental solution for sleep apnea that requires no CPAP. It is less invasive and solves the problem physiologically.

If you or your loved one is suffering from this disorder, get answers by booking a consultation with us and begin sleep apnea treatment today.

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