A Guide to Better Sleep During the Holidays

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From shopping for gifts to preparing meals, your holiday schedule is full. Often, sleep is the first thing to go.

Holiday fatigue and busyness impact everyone here and around Noblesville, Carmel, Indiana. The unique demands of the season create the perfect combination of factors that result in shorter nights. This time of year can be even worse for someone who may have—or already has—a sleep disorder.

7 ways to get better sleep

Getting better sleep isn’t just a matter of going to bed earlier. Adapting your routines and choices in ways that impact your quality of sleep is the true way to feel rested during the holidays. Here are seven simple ways to do just that.

1. Prioritize your sleep schedule

Even though parties run long and schedules demand early wake-up times, find a sleep schedule that works for you and stick to it. Make sure you get the proper amount of sleep each night. Simply holding to a routine during a chaotic season can help you wake up ready to take on the day.

2. Minimize stress

It’s hard not to be stressed during the holidays, but taking actions to combat stress can lead to restful sleep. If you can’t change the intense parts of the season, you can incorporate decisions into your day to balance them out. Taking a bath, reading a book, or listening to music can all relax your nerves and prepare you for a soothing night.

3. Eat as well as you can

The holidays are a prime time for indulging in too many sweets and rich, high-calorie foods. Allow yourself these treats, but counterbalance them with plenty of nutrient-filled items, too. When your body is working and fed properly, it is more likely to allow you a peaceful sleep cycle.

4. Don’t eat right before going to bed.

Your body needs a few hours to process what normally is the largest meal of the day.

5. Don’t drink alcohol right before going to bed.

Holidays are the time for parties and festivities. If you’re going to drink alcohol, however, stay up for a couple or more hours before going to bed. Alcohol can disrupt your sleep and you may wake up not feeling rested. It can also affect your breathing patterns during sleep due to what happens to your muscles as a side effect to alcohol.

6. Exercise

Sometimes, too much resting can be a detriment to your sleep! Make sure you’re truly tired by the time your head hits the pillow by filling your days with a bit of movement. This will help get you ready for a recharging night of sleep.

7. Stay healthy

Travel and winter weather during the holidays can put you at risk for sickness. This will inevitably affect your sleep patterns. Take precautions against getting sick by washing your hands often, keeping your home clean, and treating illness as soon as you experience it.

Still tired? Carmel dentist and Noblesville dentist, Dr. Deldar to the rescue

If you’ve tried all these options and still feel exhausted, you may be working against a sleep disorder. Sleep apnea can make it tough to get a good night’s rest, but sleep apnea treatments are readily available to help.

Contact Deldar Dental, a leading Noblesville dentist, to discuss your sleep patterns during the holidays. Visit Deldar’s sleep apnea information page to see if you might benefit from an appointment. With preparation, you’ll be on your way to a restful holiday season and an improved quality of life!

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