Snoring in children: Why Your Snoring Child May Need Help

snoring in children

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Snoring in children? Why Snoring Could Be a Sign of Something Serious

It isn’t uncommon for parents to go into their child’s room at night and hear them snoring.

If you’ve done this, your initial reaction might be a smile or even giggle. A few seconds later, though, you might start to wonder – should children be snoring?

Everyone is used to adults snoring, but kids? Is this normal? Or, more importantly, is it a sign of some serious condition?

Besides allergies, one of the main causes of snoring in children is sleep apnea. But isn’t that something only adults deal with? Actually, sleep apnea in kids is quite common. According to, 1 to 4% of children in the U.S. have sleep apnea.

Studies have shown a definite link between ADHD and sleep apnea. As there is a connection between the two disorders, it would be prudent to evaluate whether one is contributing to the other. We’ve covered this topic between sleep apnea and ADHD in a previous blog.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which your child’s breathing is obstructed in some way. The issue could be due to enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids, asthma, allergies, a deviated septum, and obesity.

Obstructive sleep apnea in kids is just as dangerous and impactful as it is for adults. Lack of oxygen can lead to:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Trouble concentrating
  • High blood pressure

What can parents do? They can take their kids to a sleep apnea dentist.

How a Sleep Apnea Dentist Can Help Your Snoring Child

Can a sleep apnea doctor in Indianapolis really treat sleep apnea in kids?

Absolutely! Dr. Deldar can treat your child’s sleep apnea successfully. Dr. Deldar will work closely with an ENT specialist, just in case whatever is obstructing your child’s airway needs to be reduced or removed (E.G. tonsil removal). These procedures often are effective treatments for obstructive sleep apnea.

In addition, Dr. Deldar will help your child’s sleep breathing disorder through myofunctional therapy. Myofunctional therapy is a form of physiotherapy that emphases on using repetitive exercises which strengthen and train the face, jaw, mouth, and tongue. This popular treatment is easy and does not include any side effects.

Sleep Apnea treatment will reduce or completely put a stop to your child’s snoring – and it will keep them healthy and safe.

Call Your Sleep Apnea Doctor in Indianapolis If Your Child Is Snoring

Should children be snoring? Not really. Snoring could be a sign of a life-threatening condition and should be checked out right away. If you’re concerned that your child’s snoring is due to more than occasional allergies, contact your sleep apnea dentist right away.

Are you worried about your child’s snoring? Contact Dr. Deldar today to schedule an evaluation. We can find safe, non-invasive, and effective solutions. It’s our goal to improve the quality of life of your child.

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