Cheap Teeth Whitening – Is it Really Worth it?

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Charcoal teeth whitening is becoming popular. Here's a dentist's thoughts on cheap teeth whitening options.

Nearly every patient who walks through my Noblesville and Carmel dental office wants the same thing. They want a beautiful, bright, white smile. Unfortunately, when it comes to teeth whitening, most people get caught up in trends. They want fast results and they want them for the cheapest price. This idea of cheap teeth whitening has resulted in a lot of people coming up with whitening solutions. These whitening remedies are generally found at the corner supermarket. These whitening trends are popular because of their supposed cheapness and effectiveness. But are they really more effective than bleaching systems from a … Read More

Your Noblesville Dentist’s holistic approach to dentistry

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There’s no denying that more people in the Greater Indianapolis Area are looking to their health care providers for a more holistic, whole body approach. Taking a holistic approach to dentistry often means going against the grain of conventional practices. As your Indianapolis, Carmel, and Noblesville dentist – I don’t have a problem with that. Our number one focus is on the health and safety of our patients. There are 4 ways in which I currently treat our patients in a more holistic, healthful manner. 1. Deldar Dental is an Amalgam-Free Environment One of the first things to leave our … Read More

Braces after Forty: 3 Reasons Why Adult Braces Make Sense

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Image of a brunette woman that is in need of adult braces.

Braces – they’re just for kids, right? Actually, they’re not. While kids and teens are typically the ones we all see wearing braces, the fact is that adults can get them too. In fact, if your Noblesville dentist has recommended adult braces, the reason is likely more than just cosmetic. 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adult Braces It is typically thought that the only reason an adult would invest in orthodontics is because they wanted a Hollywood smile. Having a beautiful smile is definitely something to be desired, but aesthetics is just scratching the surface. There are three main … Read More

Veneers vs. Lumineers

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Cosmetic dentist post on lumineers and veneers

Are you considering options for any dental work? Or are you about to see a cosmetic dentist? It’s important to understand the differences between closely related procedures. In this article, we will explain in detail the difference between veneers and Lumineers. The Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers Veneers and Lumineers serve the same function. They both mask teeth discoloration, chipped teeth, broken teeth, crooked teeth, and other imperfections that affect your physical appearance and your confidence. Even though veneers and Lumineers serve the same function, there are  important differences in applying them to your teeth. They are also different in nature. In … Read More

Invisalign vs Braces? Which is better for your teeth?

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Braces vs invisalign? This image for orthodontics, braces, and invisible braces, and adult braces.

Often children’s teeth are straight and white but things change as they grow. In most adults, the teeth either protrude too much or are barely distinguishable from the gums. In the past, metal braces were the only option available for someone who wanted straight teeth. Now, you have a choice between braces and Invisalign. Braces Braces is the colloquial name for “orthodontic appliances.” Braces are made of stainless steel, nickel, titanium, copper, molybdenum, and other rare metals. Springs and rubber bands are also used. Your orthodontist uses braces to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. How Do Braces Work? … Read More