February 27, 2021

3 easy steps to stop living with TMJ headaches in Noblesville

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Many people suffer from migraine headaches but are not sure where they are coming from. Not knowing where to find a migraine headache solution is your biggest hurdle.

With migraine headaches, you can suffer from:

● Nausea & vomiting
● Sensitivity to light and sound
● Throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation

Many who have experienced this often go undiagnosed, which can lead to the incorrect treatments for migraines. You may have experienced years of pain and discomfort, and have tried and paid for countless treatments and tried many different medications. 

Could migraine headaches in Noblesville be related to jaw or neck pain?

You have probably noticed that your migraine headaches start with neck pain or jaw pain. Doctors have likely prescribed various pain relievers and this is problematic for a few reasons:

  • Painkillers do not always alleviate the pain of migraines.
  • Certain pain medications contain chemicals and allergens that cause recurring migraines.
  • Pain relievers only treat the symptoms of migraines and not their source.

Have you ever considered that your migraine headaches could originate from a misaligned bite? TMJ pain often has a dental cause but most people don’t know it could be dental related. Dr. Mike Deldar, a TMJ dentist in Noblesville, can help to realign your teeth. 

Dr. Deldar believes that everyone deserves a life without TMJ migraine headaches

Dr. Deldar has 20 years of experience treating patients with TMJ migraine headaches in Noblesville. He understands the causes of TMJ and how to successfully treat it.

As the recipient of Indianapolis’ Top Dentist Award, Dr. Deldar has over 3645 patients who value his skills and experience.

What are the 3 easy steps to get rid of TMJ headaches in Noblesville? 

1. Let's meet

2. Let’s talk about treatment

3. LIVE without TMJ pain

Stop the TMJ pain

Stop living with TMJ migraine headaches in Noblesville and stop experiencing treatments that treat the symptoms and not the causes. Avoid ineffective and harmful treatments and putting unknown chemicals and allergens into your body by using Dr. Deldar’s holistic approach to TMJ pain.

Take control over your migraines and experience a treatment plan that treats the causes of your pain.

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