Migraine and Headache Treatments

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In Indianapolis and Hamilton County, Indiana, many people suffer from headaches and migraines.

Find out how our Dr. Mike Deldar and his dental team treat migraines and headaches through non invasive, neuromuscular methods that are designed to make you feel good!

About migraines and headaches

A headache is when you feel pain in your head or neck. However, a “headache” is a generalized symptom. Interestingly, your brain cannot feel pain, but it can generate the feeling of pain when pain-sensitive structures in your brain are overworked.

Sometimes a headache could be a migraine, but migraines are often severe and include pounding, throbbing pains that affect the entire head. You might also exhibit sensitivity to light, noise, or smells with a migraine.

Severe migraines might lead to dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, blurred vision, and even vomiting for some patients. Worse, migraines can last up to 72 hours if they are untreated – though the average is less than four. While you might have a headache a few times a week, migraines are much less frequent and typically strike a few times per month.

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The TMJ and Migraine Connection

TMJ, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge on your jaw that connects the jaw to the skull. It is what gives you the ability to chew, talk, laugh, yawn, and open wide in the dentist’s chair for your annual checkup.

Your TMJ region does plenty of work, and while it is on the opposite side from the brain, the supportive muscles and tissues of the joint might cause debilitating headaches.

The pain generates in the joint (not your brain), then travels to other places in the skull, which cause your migraines, headaches, and discomfort.

Typically, the pain is the result of overuse of your jaw or when your two joints do not fit properly together.

TMJ is not limited to the jaw: migraines, headaches, facial pain

Migraines are one of the most common medical complaints and one of the most common TMJ symptoms. Tightness in the jaw can cause or contribute to tension headaches, migraine headaches, or neuralgias (facial pain).

By putting pressure on nerves and blood vessels, jaw muscles can initiate the neurochemical triggers that set off tension headaches and migraines, making these headaches more frequent, longer, and more painful. If you suffer from any form of chronic headaches, treating TMJ can be an important part of getting relief from your pain.

Man suffering from tension migraines. He's in need of a TMJ migraine treatment from a TMJ dentist

Learn about Deldar Dental’s TMJ Migraine Treatment

Custom-fit orthotic TMJ appliance

The appliance fits on the top of the teeth. The surface that touches the teeth on the opposite arch simulates the ideal occlusion, reducing stress on your jaw muscles and joints.


A long-term bite and TMJ remedy is orthodontics like braces. Not only does it free you from migraines and headahes, it often results in a straight, beautiful smile.

Smile Makeover

Some migraine sufferers’ teeth could be severely worn down and need to be rebuilt into a position where the jaw joints, muscles and teeth are working in harmony again.

They may require a combo of ortho and restorative treatments for a permanent solution.

If you’ve been suffering from headaches and migraines, we encourage you to bring balance back to your life by scheduling a TMJ consultation.

Our aim daily: Improving your quality of life.

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