How Stress & Anxiety Can Induce TMJ Disorder

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The societal and economic disruptions caused by COVID-19 come with a lot of stress, which understandably can affect your overall health. This can easily lead to night grinding, which can induce a painful condition known as TMJ. Since COVID-19 declared a pandemic, we’ve had to adapt to a lot of sudden, unpredictable change and uncertainty about how things will look going forward.  A very common symptom of stress, besides headache, is bruxism — a condition where you unconsciously grind and clench your teeth and jaw muscles while you sleep. This can not only make sleep less rejuvenating, but it can … Read More

Stressed? Bad Headaches? It could be TMJ

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Stress and anxiety are natural responses to intense situations. While optimistic and positivity should be embraced in relation to COVID-19, the pandemic has understandable amplified stress and anxiety for many. The pressure can easily trigger physical ailments, such as headaches and migraines. However, you may be suffering a TMJ headache without even realizing.  Chronic worry can contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, also known as TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is the improper function of your temporomandibular joint that connects your jawbone to your skull. This dysfunction can trigger headaches and migraines. How Do You Know You’re Suffering from TMJ Headaches? … Read More

Is There a Link Between Sleep Apnea and TMJ? Our Sleep Apnea Dentist explains

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While Sleep Apnea and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders are very different things, you may be able to alleviate one by taking care of the other. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you know that it causes you to stop breathing throughout the night. This decreases the amount of oxygen that you intake and reduces the quality of sleep. If you don’t take care of a sleep apnea problem, you may face more significant issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, increased blood pressure, sleep deprivation, and more. TMJ or TMD is a problem with the main jawbone. Frequently, those with TMJ … Read More

TMJ Disorder Symptoms: The Link Between Jaw Pain and Posture

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TMJ disorder – a painful condition of the jaw joints – can lead to chronic pain, including headaches and migraines.  What you may not realize about TMJ disorder symptoms is that they go way beyond jaw pain. In fact, the disorder can actually impact the rest of the body, including your posture.  Beyond Jaw Pain – When TMJ Disorder Impacts Your Posture Noblesville dentist, Dr. Mike Deldar, takes a holistic approach to dental care. Your dental team, along with Dr. Deldar, will check your bite and any anatomical anomalies to see whether they’re causing dental issues, as well as any … Read More

TMJ Dentist Explains How Natural Whiplash Treatment Works

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Whiplash treatment in indianapolis

Have you noticed any neck pain recently? Were you in some sort of incident that could have caused injuries to your neck? You may be suffering from whiplash.  Did you know that pain in your jaw could be a sign that you may need TMJ whiplash treatment?  What is Whiplash? Whiplash occurs when a force pushes your neck to move past its normal range of motion. It pulls on your neck’s muscles and ligaments. Symptoms include: Neck pain  Headaches Swelling Tenderness Muscle spasms Difficulty moving your neck Issues with concentrating Jaw tightness  You can develop whiplash from car accidents, sporting … Read More